пятница, 2 февраля 2018 г.

Runes Reforged in League

If you played in the league of legends before, then you probably know what are runes and masteries. But with the Season 8, all these features fall into the oblivion. There are only Runes now, but even them changed their functionality.

Now you have a choice out of 5 available paths. One as a primary and other is secondary. The primary path contains a keystone rune, rune that greatly affects the gameplay, while secondary path could contain only lesser runes, that brings some cool utility profits to you.

The glorious news for all newcomers! These new runes are absolutely free and they are gifted to all with 5 Preset rune pages. But if you previously bought rune pages, then they will be transferred right into the new system with a small compensation. The full list of new runes could be found on Boosteria.

четверг, 1 февраля 2018 г.

GOD TIER what is it?

Unfortunately, League of Legends is an unbalanced game, and with each patch, new champions claim the throne of the most powerful champions. So to be in trends, you need to always check which champions are in the GOD tier to easily win various lanes and even matches.

To be honest, there are more tiers, and below I will explain my classification of the Tier Lists:
  1. God Tier - absolutely mad mans, in the right hands could annihilate the whole enemy team.
  2. Tier 1 - Strong champions with interesting utility abilities. You could see them often on a professional stage.
  3. Tier 2 - Nerfed, but still strong champions. Not as strong as they were.
  4. Tier 3 - Champions that could turn the game but they are not easy to master.
If you are interested in this theme, then go to the Boosteria guide page, and check which champions are in meta right now.

вторник, 30 января 2018 г.

League of Legends – defining esports

When it comes to esports no one pulls a crowd than the league of legends. With over 100 million players they hold tournaments that fill out the Madison square and staples center. LoL has set the standard when it comes to gaming. You can visit the Boosteria website for the most professional lol elo boosting.

The huge fan base has lead riot games – owners of the lol game – to make changes to the world championships in North America. The new rules determine which teams participate in the games. This means teams will get more security, money and more input from Riot in the decision-making process. You will note that boosteria services are secure and ensure that your account is not suspended.

Changes in the LoL will be financial, communicative and structural. When it comes to structural changes the 2018 lineup for championships will consist of permanent members. Riot will set up the criteria for brand management and support. The challenger league will most probably become the academy league. You can get to the challenger league easily by trying out the Boosteria service; we have some of the best players who will boost your current level.

Some other changes have been implemented by Riot include the fact that runes and mastery systems have been reworked. With the new system, you do not need to pay for runes and everyone gets everything at level 1.  The other change that will interest players is that in the next season there will be no cap on accounts level. Your account can go beyond 30 to infinity. Every time you level up you will be able to get a capsule.

The new season will enable players to get new skins. Those who are ranked Gold can get Victorian graves skin, supports can enjoy new blitzcrank skins, lancer rogue, and lancer paragon.
Before you get to the new season you can get a booster to help you get a feel for the new features. The Boosters help navigate new terrain. By observing how they do it you can be confident when you are starting out a new season.


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