пятница, 2 февраля 2018 г.

Runes Reforged in League

If you played in the league of legends before, then you probably know what are runes and masteries. But with the Season 8, all these features fall into the oblivion. There are only Runes now, but even them changed their functionality.

Now you have a choice out of 5 available paths. One as a primary and other is secondary. The primary path contains a keystone rune, rune that greatly affects the gameplay, while secondary path could contain only lesser runes, that brings some cool utility profits to you.

The glorious news for all newcomers! These new runes are absolutely free and they are gifted to all with 5 Preset rune pages. But if you previously bought rune pages, then they will be transferred right into the new system with a small compensation. The full list of new runes could be found on Boosteria.

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